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A Space Pirates and Zombies: Lots of fun in a small package

2012-01-26 by yx_. 2 comments


Space Pirates and Zombies is a little jewel of a game developed by a two person workshop called MinMax games.  It is an interesting mix of 2D space action à la Escape Velocity mixed with some rudimentary RPG aspects and varying ship customization.  At first glance, the game may seem very simple. You go from planet to planet, pick a side to fight for, buy whatever’s available, then move on.  However, as the game goes on, you’ll find yourself beginning to grasp the subtle differences between each ship and its weapon load outs as you start doing more and more experimentation.  Although a typical SPAZ game won’t be extremely long (20-25 hours tops), it is extremely hard to get enough research points to max out every category.  This leaves a lot of room for replayability.

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