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Faith and Revelation

2011-04-14 by Ronan Forman. 0 comments

Uplink, made by Introversion Software in 2001, is a game in which you hack into other computers and terminals. The graphics are minimalistic and styled like terminals, as the Internet has been ruined and a new Internet has been created, one dominated by hackers, banks and companies called Uplink, ARC and Andromeda. Uplink is the company you work for; at the start of the game they supply you with a Gateway and some money. The Gateway is what you use for hacking and the money allows you to buy software to do more complicated missions and reduce your chance of being caught (since what you’re doing is illegal). It also lets you upgrade your Gateway to store more software, work faster and include security such as bombs. If you get caught, you lose the game.

A normal view for an Uplink player

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